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Susan402 Plays with Dolls
About Dolls, Doll Clothes, and Etsy
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6th-Aug-2008 08:06 am - Moved.
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I posted about this at my Wordpress blog, but maybe I did it too late in the day yesterday because it hasn't been emailed over here yet. It basically says that I'm moving to my own site, http://susan402.com, and I will be doing my dolly-blogging over there at http://susan402.com/wordpress. Additionally, I wanted to come over here to say that there's an LJ feed for the new blog susan402dotcom. I have to get away from depending on Flickr for keeping people up to date since they're so restrictive in what you're allowed to say. So while I'm still going to use my Flickr account to share photos, real updates are going to be through the blog now the way they always should have been.

Oh, and I also finally joined Blythe Network. I find it about as overwhelming as everything else that's going on right now, but I'm trying to steal a few minutes here and there to find my way around. Of course I'm Susan402 over there also.
24th-Jul-2008 09:18 am - SNAFU: Another Roadblock
Blythe Blue Smocking
My husband came into my work room the other night and told me that we have a tenant. I'll back up to explain that we have an empty mobile home on our property which needs a lot of work, and, after said work, we had planned to rent it out. We have been using it for storage in the meantime, for things we don't have adequate storage over here for (read: we need cases for a lot of books), for my sewing/craft craziness that has needed to be organized for the last several years, and for a lot of stuff that we just need to get rid of in appropriate ways, like our daughter's baby things. But no big. We're months away from being ready to have anyone move in there, so it will get done, a little at a time...

Oh, you remember the part where I said he said we have a tenant. Yeah, so he tells me this the other night and I'm imagining having to really step things up to get stuff out of there and get the place cleaned up. I take a deep breath, realizing that this isn't an opinion-gathering survey--he's already made up his mind (and we could use the rent), and ask when my deadline is for getting stuff out of there.

"I told him he could start moving stuff in any time."

Yeah, so not a whole lot of sewing getting done around here this week. On top of that, my daughter turns 4 on Monday. Her birthday is second only to Christmas on the hierarchy of Dates I Stress About.

Anyway, that's the update. What was I working on when he walked into the sewing room to drop the bomb? Another Uber Alice. The smocking is done for the pinafore, and I was able to get the underdress finished before the current crazy started. Here are a few pics:

]Britain models for quick progress photos of the Alice dress.

The buttoned back of the Alice dress
22nd-Jul-2008 09:00 am - Wigs Arrived
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Yesterday was my errand day, and all day I was able to look forward to getting home to the mail. I wasn't disappointed. I got my wigs that I ordered on Friday from Facets by Marcia. Here are some pics:

Ciara, my Lati Blue Shaina models Lexy by Monique Gold in G. Strawberry size 6/7

Lati White Arin models Penny by Monique Gold in G.Strawberry size 4
Erin, my Lati White Arin models Penny by Monique Gold in G.Strawberry size 4

Sydney, my Lati Yellow Sp. Lumi models Lexy by Monique Gold in G. Strawberry size 5/6

More pictures can be found in my Wig and Eyes set on Flickr.

After all the difficulty finding wigs I liked and then wondering what they were going to look like on the Lati kids as opposed to on the fashion dolls pictured on site, and after taking all those wig pics yesterday, I decided to make a new Flickr group called the Doll Wig Catalog. I hope it will become a useful resource for wig shopping in the future.
18th-Jul-2008 12:26 pm - Lack of Progress
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Well, yesterday's goal of getting all the embroidery finished for the Alice didn't go very well, though I did get the collar finished and one cuff started.

I become more and more convinced that I'm developing arthritis in my shoulder. Anyway, a friend just told me for joint pain stop eating potatoes. Ouch. Processing the horror that is the prospect of a life without potatoes and made a delicious moussaka for supper last night (eggplant, a seasoned meat sauce, a baked layer of sauce on top made from milk, egg, and cheese). A friend of my friend comments this morning that eggplant is also on the to-be-avoided list. I can't win for losing.

My wigs ship out today and I expect them on Monday. I'm too excited about that.

Ah Jensen...Feel Like So...Ah Jensen...Feel Like So...

Since I don't have anything finished or interesting progress pics, all I have to show you today is the one picture I took this morning of my Pullip Craziia, Aalish.

This dress is cute on her. And it fits Blythe and Lati Yellow Sp. (and also Bratz). I should really find the pattern and make some more of those for our personal wardrobe, at least.

It looks like Lati fever is still going strong in my Flickr world. I really really want to be making adorable things for the little Latis. Must get orders finished!

I think the prospect of not allowing myself to buy any more dolls this year has me in a funk. Do you get that way when you're on restriction?
17th-Jul-2008 12:29 pm - General Update
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Yesterday was another day off for me due to shoulder pain and stiffness.

So what did I do? Shopping and money-spending.

I finally ordered some Monique Gold wigs to try on the Latis from Facets by Marcia. She's lovely to deal with. I'm really looking forward to these and the idea of the girls having hair!

The large photo is Navajo, which I ordered in light brown. The small ones are Penny, and two sizes of Lexy. I ordered those three in Golden Strawberry. Also a wig cap for Bronte who wears Shelby in Auburn in a size 7-8 which is a little big on her. [Note to self: get updated pics of Bronte!]

Current WIPs are a second Uber Alice, and the knitted Chanel jacket prototype for Ciara. My goal today is to finish all the embroidery for the Alice so that I can spend tomorrow on sewing. I'd love to get it finished tomorrow because I'm so behind in my calendar, but that seems like a pretty tall order.

Guess I should get to work.
12th-Jul-2008 10:33 am - Boredom Is My Greatest Foe
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I'm feeling very Ellowyne lately. I'm behind schedule on my Blythe orders. Not so much on getting them out as promised yet, just behind in my own calendar. But I suppose one will lead to the other if I don't catch up. I find myself dragging my feet, looking for excuses not to pick up my current order (which is almost done), and obsessed with other projects that I feel guilty about starting.

I repainted Brigit yesterday. It really needed to be done, but it's still not what I wanted. Part of the problem, originally, was that I had used all pencil and chalk, and the pencil didn't do very well on her tiny lips. So I had intended to paint them this time. which I did. But that was much harder than I had expected it to be. It seems that the paint is so much darker when applied than it looked on the palette. Obviously I don't have a lot of experience here. Anyway, I need to learn how to mix colors better and also to thin the paint more because the lips are a bit glopply closeup in real life. Looking at her sitting next to the computer, she's got beautifully rosy cheeks now, but they didn't really come across in the photo, even though I didn't use flash. But I also did some more subtle blushing of the face that I think one can't even see unless one knows it's there. But then, maybe that's how it's supposed to be. The eyebrows are better, and I guess technically there are no real problems with them, but they don't add any personality to her face. There's also a spot where I did something, maybe didn't wait for a layer of MSC to dry, and there's some blotchiness on one side of her face. Not a big deal since this obviously isn't a faceup I want to keep forever given how much I'm complaining about it.


I'm really wanting to work on some knitting lately--come to that, I'm really wanting to work on a lot of stuff. One of the few threads I follow at DoA is the Knitting Circle thread, and those guys always make me want to knit. So I made my second Lati Yellow sweater this month to adjust for fit, wrote up the pattern. I need to make it up again to check what I wrote, but I'm really happy with the fit on it. I'm working on one for Lati Blue right now, as a break from other stuff. I guess I'm about half finished with it.

I also really really want to finish my smocked dress pattern for Lati Yellow and start making some of those. At this rate, I'm going to have a really hard time finishing my orders by September in order to work on that stuff, but it's really hard to wait.

When I was working on stuff for this site, and going over past orders, I could see how crazy productive I was in the spring. Now, not so much. I need to find that sense of excitement that I had then and stop all this foot-dragging. After all, I have an excuse to work on doll clothes all the time--what's to complain about?
8th-May-2008 04:23 pm - My Other Announcement
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Miss August
Originally uploaded by susan402
I'm all with the shop announcements today, but I keep dithering and putting things off, and I'm just going to get this stuff done today (while my day is mostly used up from working on my mom's Mother's Day gift all day).

I've decided I need to close the appointment book for a while and catch up. So here's the plan:

I'm currently booked into the beginning of August (in my whole unscientific rough estimation of how long it takes me to get things out which is generally too optimistic). I'd like to fill the rest of the month and then stop taking orders entirely for a month or so. Come back in late September/early October, hopefully with a few new styles to show, maybe some things for the BJD's as well.

My thought then, assuming anyone is still interested, is to only take on as much as I think I can finish by Christmas and then close the book again and come back at the beginning of the year. But we'll see how that goes.

So if you're going to be wanting something before October, please contact me and I slot you in on a first-come basis.

Thank you!
8th-May-2008 02:16 pm - Endangered Species
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Endangered Species
Originally uploaded by susan402
I don't know that I've ever mentioned it, but this dress was always going to be a Limited Edition. I think I have enough fabric for a total of 15 dresses, but there's no guarantee it will go that far. This morning I confirmed orders for numbers 10 and 11. So I may have fabric for as many as four of these.

This is just a warning for anyone who might have had their eye on this one. Please let me know. Thanks!

Also, I have another announcement coming up soon about orders in general. Please stay tuned.
Blythe Blue Smocking
I am so unbelievably excited right now, and I guess only my dolly friends can really understand it.

I love my Cadence. I really do. I've loved her ever since I took her out of the shoebox she was mailed in and saw her amazing Blytherrific head of Saran hair. C and I have spent a lot of quality time together, and she just gets prettier and prettier to me.

So while it seems that most people I know can't confine themselves to just one Blythe, I certainly thought I could do it. I only need one fit model, and Cadence is plenty of doll for me.

Still, I'll admit that there was always one doll who called to me, this Dainty Biscuit named Britain. I've always looked forward to her mama bringing her out for pics, oohed and ahhed over her, and more than once I have popped over to Valley of the Dolls or scanned ebay, looking for a Biscuit of my own. Maybe I was too much of a tightwad, maybe new in box Dainty Biscuit just wasn't the same... I don't know. I was just never tempted enough.

However, when I checked my Flickr feeds this morning and discovered the Britain herself was up for adoption! And now she's on her way to live with us! Seriously, I don't know when I've been this excited.

I think Cadence and Aalish are excited too. I think they've been worried that the influx of ball-jointed girls we're expecting in the near future might overshadow even their big-headed fabulousness. As if. But there you are, models can be so insecure.

And so, in conclusion, I just have to sing: I'm getting my dream Blythe!
5th-May-2008 11:10 pm - Changes
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I'm thinking about more changes in the way I do things. It seems like my ability to finish things is slower than my ability to write down new orders. I'm currently booked into July. I'm thinking about saying that I'll fill July and August and then I'll close the books and come back maybe in October to take orders for the holiday season. Then if my calender fills, close up again and come back after New Years.

Just a thought. But I'm liking it.
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